About Us
Ascela Partners, LLC is a unique partnership of talented benefits advisors in the NY, PA and DE markets. We are consistently on the forefront of the most innovative products and services, and strive to offer unparalleled expertise in the selection, design and implementation of our clients’ benefits plans. Our goals for our clients include cost reduction and containment as well as overall satisfaction. If you are a business owner or individual, we can assist you with designing the ideal combination of benefits to suit your needs.
If you are a benefits professional, we encourage you to join us in partnership and take advantage of the new opportunities that are becoming available as our industry evolves. As a partner, you will have access to a wide variety of products and services, including health care benefits, ancillary insurance products, medicare advantage and supplemental programs, executive benefits, defined contribution, worksite marketing, compliance consulting, underwriting consulting, TPA services, HR consulting and system implementation, payroll services, enrollment, a member call center, telemedicine, HSA banking options and more!